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Who you support

You choose what initiative to support with your purchase. Projects are led by Red Nacional de Grupos Gestores,  Hogar de Nuestra Senora De Los Remedios, Ninos del Lago and Transformacion Ballet.  These organizations are making amazing strides and performing work that is needed in helping and enriching the lives of the most vulnerable populations in Guatemala.  


Entrepreneurial Support

Grupos Gestores' social mission promotes the economic development of Guatemala.  Through their 6 main offices throughout Guatemala, they are providing opportunity and resources for citizens creating and/or growing a business in addition to supporting community representatives to help develop their municipalities as a whole.  They understand that in supporting entrepreneurs they are not only supporting individual families but entire communities.  

Dance Scholarships

Christine Tjahjadi-Lopez is a US trained ballerina that is now based in Guatemala where she teaches ballet to local children in the highland towns around Lake Atitlan, Solola, Guatemala.  She began teaching classes in 2016 and found that using the arts to teach children goes far beyond just learning to dance.   She began using dance as a vehicle to drive students to raise/maintain academic achievement, instill confidence and as an outlet to discuss issues students needed help addressing.  There are currently 40 enrolled students, 35% receive scholarships, 15% of which are full scholarships.  Many of the children are indigenous and would not be able to attend the classes if not for the scholarships offered.

All-girls Orphanage

Hogar de Nuestra Senora De Los Remedios is an all girl orphanage that serves an average of 100 girls ranging from infant-24.  Some girls are referred through the court system while others are from neighboring areas that are in need of help or abandoned.  No financial or material support is received for any of the girls from the state or families. They are solely supported by the orphanage through donations.  The orphanage provides food, education, training, clothing, health services, recreation, psychological and spiritual support.  All of the girls are victims of extreme poverty and one or more forms of abuse - physical, psychological, intrafamily violence, incest, rape. 

Mindfulness Camp

At the core of the Journey to the Forest Program, children attend a week of camp once a year for four consecutive years at the forest camp for an educational and mentoring experience with lessons in mindfulness. Each activity the children enjoy at the camp is designed to educate and empower.  Their experiences develop self-confidence and self-awareness.  Your support also goes to fund A Day in the Forest Program (starting in February 2019), whereby 6th graders throughout Solola will enjoy a day free from the villages to experience the program to expand their horizons.