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Our Process

As partners, we want you as involved in the process as we are, so transparency is a must.  Our process is simple.

We collaborate directly with the Artisans on a product idea.

We pay the Artisans a fair wage that covers all materials and labor.  We don't haggle.

Your accessory arrives to us for inspection and sale. We only mark up our accessories between 1-2x to cover inventory and overhead costs. Did you know most retailers mark up their prices 5-6x?

5% profit from each product sold is dedicated to a project of your choice! Learn about the projects you can support here.

You purchase a high quality, one-of-a-kind accessory that makes a difference in the lives of the Artisans and strengthens their communities.




Some things we think are worth noting:
  • When we commission an Artisan to create a piece for us we don't haggle on price.  We don't want Artisans undervaluing their work or living hand to mouth.  We want to encourage them to continue their craft and earn a fair wage for their work, in turn supporting them to be of service and develop their own communities.
  • On average, retailers mark up their products 5-6x.  Our products are marked 1-2x to cover costs incurred to make the product in addition to 5% set aside to donate towards initiatives that promote social change.  Our costs are kept to an absolute minimum since we don't have much overhead expenses in the form of factories, brick & mortar store, etc.
  • We use as many sustainable materials as possible because we are not only concerned about the people who are part of the process but also about the environment.  We are concerned with how we source our materials, how we package our items and being eco-friendly in all aspects of our social venture.  We continually strive to make our business model as sustainable as possible. 
  • 5% profit from each product sold is set aside to donate to organizations that empower and support women, children and the indigenous population in Guatemala.  We also occasionally sponsor events that benefit communities throughout the US.  In addition to working with Artisans, we also sometimes collaborate with cooperatives - the majority of which are women owned and operated.  


We believe there is a shift happening and consumers are starting to ask some important questions and caring more about where their products come from and how they are made. 

Our aim is to provide you with slow fashion products that are unique, functional and have a lasting impact on the Artisan creating the piece, vulnerable populations at large and you!  

 We appreciate your commitment to making a change